Friday, August 27th

Haiti will obtain a loan of 224 million dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at a concessional rate of 0.05%, reveals the daily Le Nouvelliste. A sum that would come from the envelope of 650 billion dollars of the allocation of special drawing rights decided by the international financial institution. 

Fondation Je Klere (FJKL) denounces the executive for obstructing judicial proceedings in the case of the assassination of Monferrier Dorval. This, in a context marked by the commemoration by Port-au-Prince Bar Association, of the first year of his murder in Pèlerin 5. In particular, the NGO questions the Government Commissioner, Bedford Claude, who refused to execute the orders of the investigating judge.

Haiti has already received 27 million dollars of the 40 million dollar insurance premium from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), reports Le Nouvelliste, recalling that the country has already received 15 million dollars and another 12 million dollars.  "There are people who think that this money is a gift to Haiti. We found these funds because we paid the insurance premium," insisted a source in the Ministry of Economy to the newspaper.

Thursday, August 26th 

Visit to Haiti of the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Samantha Power to inquire about the damage caused by the earthquake of August 14 in the South of country. She made a visit to the south during which she flew over the municipalities devastated by the disaster including Maniche, Camp-Perrin and Chantal. 

Haiti will receive $32 million in aid from USAID, says its administrator Samantha Power, stressing that these funds will cover the most immediate needs, such as the provision of shelter services and water supply and medical assistance to local hospitals affected.

The Ministry of Justice says it is ready to pay the sum of 6 million gourdes (60 000 dollars) to reward anyone with information that could help capture three important fugitives accused in the murder of President Jovenel Moise. These are the former judge at the Court of Cassation Windelle Coq Thélot, the former senator John Joel Joseph and Felix Badio, former employee of the ULCC.

The commission in charge of leading the dialogue for a Haitian solution to the crisis, announces the organization of the second session of the citizens' conference on Monday, August 30 in Port au Prince. The signing of the agreement will be made during this activity, promises the president of the commission, Magalie Comeau Denis.

The General Secretariat of the National Palace in a second note reminds employees, executives and senior officials assigned to the non-functional organ of the presidency to immediately repatriate all property, rolling stock and working materials that have been placed at their disposal. It threatens to publish the list of former members of the cabinet of former President Moise who refuse to hand over the materials of the state.

Wednesday, August 25th 

Launch by the United Nations (UN) and the Haitian Government of an emergency plan of 185. 3 million dollars to assist the population of the south affected by the earthquake of August 14. The representative of the United Nations in Haiti, Bruno Le Marquis expressed the hope that these funds will be used wisely to support the victims, providing them with health care and shelter.

Two priests are dead, 200 Catholic churches are destroyed and 150 others damaged in the departments affected by the earthquake of August 14, 2021, reported Father Ludger Mazile, spokesman for the Haitian Bishops' Conference. The Cathedral of Jeremie partially damaged, presbyteries and parish schools destroyed and a priest injured is roughly the assessment made by the Bishop of Jeremie, Gontran Decoste.

Marie Benicia Benoit, a medical laboratory technician working for the Saint Damien hospital belonging to the NPFS and the Saint Luc Foundation, was kidnapped by heavily armed individuals in the Cul-de-Sac plain. Following this case of kidnapping, officials announced the closure of the doors of this institution to denounce this act and to demand the unconditional release of its employee.

The National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL) said to grant a period of 15 days to radio stations in the metropolitan area to comply with technical requirements. After this period, the list of radio stations deemed undesirable will be published to force these institutions to apply the standards.

The party Rassemblement des démocrates nationaux progressistes (RDNP) organized a blood drive, said Secretary General Eric Jean Baptiste. The members of the party went to the national blood transfusion center. It is for them to give their blood as a sign of solidarity with the victims of the earthquake that has killed more than 2,000 people and injured more than 10 thousand.

Tuesday, 24th August 

Official closing of the week of prayer organized by the parishes of the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince in order to collect funds from the faithful to help the victims of the earthquake in the Grand Sud.

Visit of the Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry in the communes of Cavaillon and l’Asile in order to assess the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake on the hospital centers of these areas. The head of government promised accompanying measures to assist in the rehabilitation of hospitals.

Following the earthquake that caused damage to many schools in the south of the country, the Ministry of Education announced the creation of an emergency cell whose mission is to coordinate its actions at the national level to assess the damage caused to educational structures, the loss of human life at the level of education staff and the urgent needs to allow the resumption of school activities as soon as possible. 

In a statement issued by the Vatican, the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development informed that Pope Francis has sent a first contribution of 200,000 euros to Haiti to support those affected by the earthquake of August 14, 2021. This donation will be distributed in collaboration with the Apostolic Nunciature and directed to the dioceses most affected by the disaster. 

The Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) asks the justice system to quickly put at the disposal of the investigating magistrate Garry Aurélien, "all the logistical and security means necessary" to effectively conduct the case of the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

The Government Commissioner of Jérémie, Me. Jean Marie G. Alexandre issued a warrant for the arrest of the police officer Old Sterlin, accused of having raped an 18 years old girl. The crime would have been committed last Sunday in the locality "Gebeau", we learned.

Monday, August 23rd 

Presentation by Prime Minister Ariel Henry of a post-earthquake steering committee to assess the needs of the population affected by the earthquake. This committee is made up of government officials, members of the private business sector and international partners, he stressed, while claiming that his government has the firm commitment to guide the reconstruction of the country on the path of sustainable development. 

After the attacks perpetrated against several convoys of humanitarian aid destined for the population of the South of country, the Haitian National Police in a press conference announced the establishment of a committee to manage and secure humanitarian aid. This committee is composed of several divisional commissioners including Joseph Smith Peyo, Jeannette Bateau, Jacques Joel Orival, Pierre Louis Cangé and Yves Stark, a civilian employee of the PNH. 

Designation by the civil dean of the Port-au-Prince Court of First Instance of a new judge to investigate the case relating to the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. This is the magistrate Garry Orelien who succeeds the magistrate Mathieu Chanlatte who has been removed from the case for "personal convenience".

According to a report by the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH), former President Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated during the night of July 6 to 7 in his residence in Pèlerin 5, was delivered by his security officials.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched Monday an appeal for funds of 15 million dollars to help the Haitian authorities to provide assistance to the population of the south of the country affected by an earthquake by the tropical storm Grace.