Because good journalism costs money in Haiti!



ENQUET'ACTION is an online media for journalistic investigation, multimedia journalism and in-depth journalism, created in February 2017 in Port-au-Prince and officially launched in June 2017. Focused on quality journalism dedicated to free access to information, it has already become an indispensable source of information for national and international media, as well as for the public. It was born from the desire to reconnect with the fundamentals of journalism, which aims to seek the truth in order to enable the press to truly play its role as a counter-power.


From June 2017 to January 2019, ENQUET'ACTION ( ) published about fifteen surveys taken over by Haiti Liberté, Mag Haiti, Coonews, and Agora Francophone. 


Examples of texts and videos already published:



ENQUET'ACTION is an independent media, without advertising and without any link with any political and economic group. It does not receive funding from any group of business people and politicians who would have thought to manipulate its investigations and direct its editorial line. Therefore, this project does not accept funding that could undermine its independence and be detrimental to its integrity.


This is why dear readers, ENQUET’ACTION require your support, your contribution and your participation to finance investigations on topics neglected by the traditional media or not covered in depth. It only accepts funding that does not determine its content, because it wants to remain a committed media, which opposes sensationalism and engages in-depth investigation.


In 2018, ENQUET’ACTION received no less than $5,000 in funding from the Fondation Connaissance et Liberté (FOKAL). This made it possible to set up the foundations of this innovative project, and to carry out some surveys and multimedia reports.


ENQUET’ACTION receives donations and support from foundations, institutions and citizens who believe in quality journalism.


The main actors in charge of Enquet’Action:


Lafontaine Orvild, MSc Communication

Francesca Karenine Theosmy, Msc Communication

Milo Milfort, investigative journalist

More information: 


ENQUET’ACTION has been in existence for two years. To continue to exist, ENQUET'ACTION - an independent non-profit media - needs you... your support... It requires a lot of resources to keep a non-profit media alive.


Help us to improve ENQUET’ACTION. Your support will contribute to the development of a quality media that makes journalism useful.  Because good journalism costs money in Haiti.


Make a gesture! Support ENQUET’ACTION, the independent, critical and alternative investigative media!

How to contribute?

Via Banque de l’Union Haïtienne  (BUH)

Deposit / Transfer / Spi / MoneyGram

BUH swift code / BIC: BUHEHTPP


# USD: 150-0001-9795

NOM : Association Haïtienne des Médias en Ligne (AHML)


Thank you for your complete trust!


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