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2024: Support Enquet'Action's reporting project on education in Haiti

The year 2024 has been declared the Year of Education by the Haitian digital news and investigative media Enquet'Action. Support our project to produce no less than a dozen in-depth reports on themes related to Education in general, and Higher Education in particular.

To educate, inform and entertain are the three roles of the media in society. To these, we would add denouncing, questioning and disturbing. Enquet'Action (EA) has been following this last logic since its creation in 2017. And, in this society to be rebuilt, Education is not to be neglected.

Here, in the media space, it's politics that dominates to the detriment of social, environmental, economic and other issues. News, press releases and press notes prevail. Long-form, in-depth journalism is virtually absent. Equally, in the media agenda, Education is neglected. As a result, it receives mediocre, even stunted treatment. When it does, it's treated only superficially.

So, to give it back its letters of nobility, Enquet'Action has decided to declare the year 2024, the Year of Education. Education in the full sense of the word. This priority is part of our drive to put educational issues back at the heart of media debates. EA has decided to devote a series of in-depth reports to this theme throughout 2024. Throughout 2024, we'll be talking about education, the education system, higher education, universities and more.

You may be wondering what this ambitious project you've been asked to support is all about. The project consists of the publication, at the end of each month, of a multimedia report on Haitian educational issues and problems that have been neglected or given little in-depth coverage in the traditional and online media. It will focus on a theme related to higher education in Haiti. This major monthly feature will be led by a seasoned journalist who has mastered the contours of journalism, education and teaching in Haiti - in conjunction with fellow journalists.

Going out into the field, finding sources, meeting with them, documenting - all this takes time and money. And it all comes at a cost we can't afford on our own. That's why we're calling on you.

Here's how you can support this unique and innovative media research project combining teaching and journalism:

- Paypal: or @enquetaction17

- Mon Cash: + 509 31 82 11 05

- Zelle: + 1 813 940 2481

- NatCash: + 509 43 62 33 52

- CashApp: + 1 813 940 2481

- Transfer/Spih/transfer :

A) Name: ENQUET'ACTION, Currency: USD,

Account number: 440-0006 - 9644

Banque de l'Union Haïtienne (BUH)



Gourde : 141-1021 - 1 619 583


It's a win-win dynamic. In return, we offer you, depending on your support, between 1 and 12 months of free subscription. And depending on your medium, we'll even put together an anthology of our best work around a key theme. Come and support the useful and the pleasurable, but also and above all quality journalism that combines the useful with the pleasurable. Journalism that questions, exposes, denounces and criticizes.

Violence, gender, insecurity, crisis, food insecurity, history... will all be addressed in our various multimedia reports, which will ensure that the issue of Education is treated with the utmost professionalism. Interviews, analyses, portraits, reports and news... all journalistic genres will be put to good use in the construction of the dossiers.

In the near future, the 12 reports will be compiled in an anthology that will be made available to researchers, teachers, academics, educators, enthusiasts, interested parties and others. This is another project for the future. A work in progress. As tomorrow will be better, we at Enquet'Action remain convinced that it can't be without you, your unconditional support and backing for innovative and useful journalism in the Haitian media landscape.

Place your bets, join in. For a better tomorrow, act now!

Milo Milfort

Journalist and Editor-in-Chief





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