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The expression "Gee Gason": between toxic masculinity and conversion therapies

For some time now, the new expression "Gee Gason (Boy)" has been gaining ground on social networks in general, and TikTok in particular. It makes injunctions with major consequences for victims. For, the opposite of gee boy or "real man" is homosexual or a woman in a man's body, following this perception marching in tandem with harassment, physical and verbal abuse and persecution aimed at any offender.

The expression "Gee Gason (boy)" is an injunction aimed at forcing others to display their toxic masculinity. It underpins all the cultural and social principles and norms that define how a man "should" be or behave. The male is tough, severe, violent, aggressive and strong. He's the one who hides his sorrows, weaknesses and emotions. He can't be afraid, let alone break down. He's a tough guy when the going gets tough. He's forbidden to cry, let alone whine. So, the "Gee boy" is a dominant being, the evil alpha, the all-powerful...

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